Jasper Home Cooking

Jaspers Story

“Up in Smoke Cooking with Jasper!”

How it all began with Jasper is he was just a young little fellow when he started pouring and mixing making his own recipes up. He has always been pretty good at it. Then he found himself in the kitchen with Mom and Grandma. Grandma has been cooking since she was a little coal miner’s daughter. Jasper’s Great Grandma helped her mother in the kitchen. Grandma’s mother did everything from scratch and boy did everyone clean their plates up of yummy old-fashioned recipes. It was a treat whenever she cooked. Greatest Grandma’s mother taught her to cook. I remember her making drop biscuits. So fluffy and delightful. I learned and taught Jasper. He has often visited Grandma in the kitchen through the years learning from scratch homemade precious SECRET recipes from generations. Jasper contributed his techniques and flavor to the generations of  SECRET recipes. He can make homemade biscuits, gravy to spaghetti, chicken wings any flavor, stir-fry, grilling steaks that melt in your mouth, pork baby back ribs so yummy you can’t wait to eat! He knows how to make homemade pies; pie crust many cakes and other tasty desserts. I could go on forever. Thank you, Grandma!

That is why Jasper has his own cooking show, “Up in Smoke Cooking with Jasper!” He is happy to teach younger and older generations how to cook these delicious  SECRET recipes passed down from generations. He knows them all by heart. Jasper is very comfortable in the kitchen. He loves everyone to be happy and join at the table to enjoy his beautiful scrumptious foods that he puts his heart into cooking. It shows in the preparation and the display of the food. You cannot wait to eat it from smelling it cooking! We all are very appreciative and thankful for Jasper cooking such wonderful meals. It brings joy to him.

Jasper will mature with all of you in the wonderful world. Please, be kind. Who he shares and teaches God’s gifts to cook in his kitchen. Doing one of the things Jasper loves best is cooking and eating great food! So, don’t miss out on this adventure in both your lives! You can grow together. Like the old saying goes if someone truly loves you…they make sure your belly is full and cooked with love to warm your heart.

Thank you, son, for being such a true blessing in our lives! May your journey in life on God’s Country Farm and the Wonderful World be full of Jesus, blessings, grace and peacefulness in your soul! JESUS LOVES US ALL AND WE ARE ALL HIS CHILDREN!

So…. blessed! Thank you!


The Armstrong Family