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EST. 2018

American Meats and Produce Service

We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our site. JOIN others now purchasing our products. We are American owned and Family operated company. Our Passionate Goal is providing a burst of savory Richness of Flavor, naturally fresh and tender product of meat. A nutritional experience that you can enjoy with the whole family. We love all our Reserved line of Grass/Grain-Fed and Free Roaming USDA CERTIFIED, 100% AMERICAN, FRESH, NO ANTIBOTICS AND NO HORMONES Black Angus, Lamb, Pork, Chicken Meats, and #1 YUMMY Produce. We are happy to bring you what’s on our God’s Country Farm in Kentucky table to yours.  

Our 100% American Free Roaming & Grass/Grain-Fed Black Angus Cattle are, USDA Certified, 100% Natural and Nutritious! God’s Country Farm is where it all began for us, and we are proud to present: American Meats and Produce Service also offers healthy Puppy & Dog Food and Kitten & Cat Food and and God’s Country Farm Fellowship as we put God first and believe in his Son Our Savior Jesus Christ!. God’s Country Farm and the farmers we outsource to also believe in the American Tradition. Farming, keeping everything in a safe environment and all the hard work to build/maintain a happy/loving life here on the farm in Kentucky. It is our tradition, and we are very humble and thankful for your purchases and donations to keeping that American Dream alive! Our 100% Natural Black Angus Cattle are premium stock which provides superior tenderness, juicy and natural marbling for you to enjoy in your palate. If you don’t try it, you are missing out on a great delightful experience. So, give it a try! There is nothing like feeling reenergized, and self-satisfied with our Reserved line of USDA Certified 100% Natural Black Angus, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, #1 YUMMY Produce products fresh picked! American Meats and Produce Service LLC. are proud to offer to you. 

Our “Logo” is a calf we saved on a cold winter night. WE RESCUE animals often (putting in the love, prayers, time and money) and end up giving them a quality life here on God’s Country Farm. Today he is our pet steer weighing around 1400 pounds. Yes, that is a big baby! We have photos of him eating our delicious peach. He is so… funny he spits out the seed. That is some kind of talent! 

American Meats and Produce Service provides #1delicious, freshly picked from trees and off the ground Peaches, Tomatoes, Cantaloupe, Watermelons and Apples! NEVER FROZEN! Our peaches, tomatoes products are # 1 for canning. They make beautiful and tasty canning in jars. Great treat for all the hard work that goes into it, but all worth it on a cold winter’s day! They are YUMMY and DELICIOUS BURSTING WITH AROMA and FLAVOR! These great tasting and juicy products are something everyone should enjoy in their lifetime. Please do not miss out! PRODUCE IS SEASONAL ONLY!

The meat and produce products items are precious joys of happiness on a satisfied palate and a good way to end a great healthy meal for the whole family. The fabulous, tasty peaches are the final way to set in a special place and just enjoy that moment with yourself and with God. 

May you all enjoy our products. Have a blessed day! 


Thank you,  

The Armstrong Family

God’s Country Farm nonprofit

God’s Country Farm is where it all began at the farm! We are proud of all our loving animals and beautiful country. On our farm there is a huge herd Black Angus Cattle, herd Registered American Painted Horse, herd of Registered Mini Horses, herd of Tennessee Walkers, Saddlebreds, Great Stallions, herd of Goats, Mini- Pitchers, Boxer, Pitbull’s, Great Pyrenees, Cats, Ducks, Chickens, Rabbits, Lizard, Fish and so much more … we are all so blessed with such beautiful animals that God created for all of us! I’m very thankful.

There is a lot of work involved in all this and we enjoy the peacefulness it gives you. Satisfaction of looking back on something a lot bigger than you and saying, “I had a big part of making that come to life!” Our farm is something that we are building to be here for generations to come. It’s a part of life to reflect on and all the beauty … even if you are just standing in field with cattle and looking at them and the pretty sky. Breathing the fresh air while you’re fishing on a pond. Trust me emergencies happen, and we deal with them and take care of them. On our farm we try to keep everything in a safe and loving environment. Mother nature is real, and we respect her as well. We enjoy God’s Country Farm and all the blessings. Amen!

If you would like to donate funds to God’s Country Farm Fellowship Nonprofit the backbone of our American Dream and where it all began for us. We are very thankful and humble to you! It is Tax Deductible click DONATE or mail to P.O. 685 Sandy Hook, Ky 41171. Thank You!


Thank you,
The Armstrong Family

Grandma's Testimony

Good day, Grandma loves God’s Country Farm! She grew up on a farm in her childhood. When she arrived at the farm she was on a back brace, cane, sugar levels over +350 with a specialist she been doctoring with for years. Grandma’s health was poor. Before she required a lot of medicines to just maintain just barely getting thru the day. Since being here we have helped her get back to happy, healthier her. Now, she is on different medicine for her sugar, her diet eating high quality meats and premium produce, is helping to improve her sugar ratings/down to 2 medicines a day and better health conditions. She loves our American Meats and Produce Service fresh rich meats and yummy produce she eats all the time. Her favorites are Fillet Mignon, sausage, beef, bacon, all steaks, chuck roast, etc. She loves our fresh peaches. When she is eating our American Meats and Produce Service peaches, she says all the time, “I have not had that good of peach since she was a child.” Her and my son are watermelon eaters. That is another one of their favorites. They both love our sweet and heavy with juice watermelons. Grandma in her early 80’s has a nice treat of peach jam before walking up a hill twice a day. This hill incline is no joke and I even stop sometimes and rest. We are extremely proud of her!

Jasper and Grandma have spent a lot of time together in the kitchen sharing and cooking wonderful meals. Our family and friends always look forward to eating the food cooked here at God’s Country Farm with great SECRET generations of recipes and cooked with love. Just smelling it drives them crazy! We all enjoy and are blessed to have a special Grandma as her. Thank you, Grandma for all you have done and passed down your knowledge, and your love will be passed down generations to come. May, God bless you always. We love you Grandma! Thank you always and love you,