Growing together in Jesus Christ unconditional love for we are not perfect. Jesus says it all, “by saying nothing,” the Holy Ghost fills your cup running over from Jesus’ purest love. Who doesn’t want to be part of that? Sign me up to be resourceful, and financially & supportive donating tax deductible to this amazing Christ legacy and for the farm!

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$100.00 to $3,999.99- color Pink Donation

$4,000.00-color Brown Donation

$8,000.00-color Red Donation

$15,000.00- color Blue Donation

$30,000.00-color Purple Donation

$50,000.00-color Green Donation

$100,000.00-color Orange Donation

$200,000.00-color Grey Donation

$500,000.00-color Black Donation

$750,000.00-color White Donation

$1,000,000.00-color Turquoise Donation

$1,500,000.00-color Golden Donation

Mail in CASH, Check, Money-Orders. etc.. Donations to: God’s Country Farm Fellowship P.O. Box 685, Sandy Hook Ky 41171. Write in memo: donation. Include you Full Name, Full Address, Phone Number and Message.

Donations Over the phone: 606-495-0284.

You can donate Stocks-Avoid both Capital Gains Tax and State Income Tax

Fax #: 606-738-6571. Include Full Name, Full Address, Phone Number and Message.

Email: Include Full Name, Full Address, Phone Number and Message.

Fill out Contact information for your Tax Deductible Receipt and include: Your Full Name, Complete Mailing Address, your Phone Number and in message put where you would like your donation to go God’s Country Farm and/or God’s Country Farm Fellowship for the Church missions. We will send you a gratitude letter. Thank you for your precious donations. I know we all work hard. Have a safe and blessed day! This is only for on-line donations.

Keychain will be something you can look back on a great deed for the farm and our Fellowship to continue blessing and saving. God’s Country Farm Fellowship will upload pictures and update progress to show we appreciate your kindness and blessings to come. Thank you for all your Donations to God’s Country Farm Fellowship as we also bless others in God’s Wonderful World! Our testimony: We have already been giving it since 2018, to thousands of people everywhere and using our own ($), products we have on the farm. We have never asked for anything(no$) in return for the giving we have done. It has all been a blessing even with all the hard work here on the farm and farming. To see people’s eyes light up, or immediately start to pray, sometimes they cry and give you a big hug; full joy and surprised and are so humble. We have had preachers stop by to pray for our good works with Our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is always mentioned and talked about during this whole process. It is just the feel in your heart you know when someone is in bad need; but they will not ask for anything or needs that extra little something and the word of God to get their spirits going again. We all get lost, busy, cold and say, “we will do it later” and later never comes. We are here to make a difference. Jesus is there waiting!

God Bless America and God is Great! God truly loves us unconditionally from his heart and we love our Savior in Christ!

Donations are Tax Deductible for you! Click to Donate. Thank you for your support! We all are volunteers!