Produce Services

We have the freshest fruits and vegetables that are freshly picked and NEVER FROZEN!

Good day, Our Produce always gets praises on, “how yummy and freshness of our Fresh Farm Picked Fruits and Vegetables!” It comes from God’s Country Farm off the ground and trees onto our trucks and trailers for you to enjoy. The aroma alone of our Peaches and you cannot help yourself but to want to eat them. I eat about 10 a day but it is so good and pretty.

Juicy and burst of a great tasting Peach. You just crave them they are that delicious! Everyone, start getting your canning game on American Meats and Produce Service has the best Peaches and Tomatoes it also looks pretty in the jars. Best canning experience and tasty all year round you and family will enjoy! Our Tomatoes are tender, full of flavor and our customers say,” they are the best Tomatoes to make a bologna sandwich.” Our Watermelons are sweet, crisp, very heavy with flavor our customers will sometimes drink the Watermelon juice. You think it will take you a while to eat but you will be back for another real soon. Our Cantaloupes are so refreshing taste and aroma also keeps you going back for more! Great way to end the day. Thank goodness our God’s Country Farm Fruits, Vegetables and American Meats Services that we provide are all healthy and healthier for most of us. American Meats and Produce Service offers some of the best meats and produce. You are missing out, if you do not try what we are offering to experience something you probably have not had since you were a child. So do not miss out!

Fruit and vegetables are available in their seasons. Look in Produce.

American Meats and Produce Service want to thank you all for your donations and orders. Keeping God’s Country Farm Nonprofit our American Farm and Traditions alive! Everything is costly to operate, and we do bless others as well. Be blessed and God Bless America!

Please check out our donation page or click to DONATE. if you wish to mail Donations too: God’s Country Farm Fellowship at: P.O. Box 685 Sandy Hook, Ky 41171. Note: In memo put: donation. Thank you!

Call 606-495-0284 or 606-738-5890 to place orders for Produce and Meats at American Meats and Produce Service.


Thank you and be safe and blessed,

The Armstrong Family,